For the first place I’d like tell you all that I am neither a Hindi native speaker even nor learner. I just know a little bit and learn some words from Hindi songs.

I know that this song is very popular because of its sweet meaning. In the first time I know this beautiful song that cuz my special guy give me listening. I have fallen in love with such a sweet sound of it. But I confess cuz no understanding in Hindi. So I just know only the word ‘Hamdard’ meaning by my lover’s explanation. That’s why I can say that I really use my heart to listen it indeed !

So then this song become to be our passionate representing song. We share our moments together day after day. and I try to learn how to sing even though I dunno the meaning.

However so far when my love come up brimful in my heart.
I get up in the morning and decide to made this clip up to share my passionate love of my lover blaze on and surprised him.

Forgive me that I have to use the translation based on some websites and I would like to say thank you for whoever owns this translation. I have no propose to take it for my own sake. I have to say thank you for such a million times. I confess that I have just only know the sweet meaning of the song by creating this clip. 😀

Hope you guy enjoy it as we always do.
let bless us it’d be our good fortune.

Finally I would like to beg your apologize.If there have any something wrong in this clip. and apologize for using this space sharing my passionate love of my honey.

I’d like to tell him how much I love him

I love him for my life

I know we have love each other for centuries.

and our love will have no an end

from now on Mera Zindagi is in your hands

there are no barriers can seperate us far away.

It’s my great fortune to have you in my life.

I love u Mera Chinku.

P.S. Pls call me na my Arin, if you have watched this clip. jubjub

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